24th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering

Gdańsk, Poland, 25 – 29 June 2012

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Conference Theme: Information Services

The special theme of the 24th edition of CAiSE is Information Services. The notion of service plays a more and more extensive role in the enterprise development. Indeed, most of the enterprise management and manufacture is based on the exchange of services: services to the customers and/or citizens, services to support the inter-organisational collaboration as well as services to accomplish intra-organisational activities. Many organizations and companies are sharing services with others, interfacing services from others, or outsourcing their ICT resources to various locations worldwide aided by the internet. For all of them, the concept of service becomes a cornerstone of their processes of collaboration, innovation and value creation.

In this context, the information systems (IS) engineering is moving towards the adoption of service-driven architectures where intra- and inter-organisational business activities are carried out with the help of information services. Information services are considered as a new means to deal with the complexity, modularity and interoperability of the constantly growing IS. Design and development of information services and information service-driven architectures become key to the success of organisations and their business.

Therefore, the service-driven IS domain becomes a new complex domain, which requires new interdisciplinary approaches and new transdisciplinary ways of thinking.

CAiSE’12 aims to bring together researchers and practitioners in the field of information systems engineering and invites papers that address all these challenges.

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